Picking Your Nose in Public Won’t Get You Laid

Picking Your Nose in Public Won’t Get You Laid

A couple of days ago I went to work with my husband. My husband has to come into the city to work though and I thought I would come with him for the day and head to the nearest library or coffee shop to work.

So how does that related to relationships? Well, as I sit here watching one guy picking his nose and another girl scratching her ass, I realize that they may not be aware that anyone is watching them.

Why would they? Their life is focused around them and what they see and if they are not trying to impress anyone in their immediate proximity then why would they think someone from a building or nearby street is going to be watching them?

Picking Your Nose in Public Won’t Get You Laid

The simple truth that somebody is always watching is so real that sometimes we forget it.

Single and Looking?

If you are single and looking, and you go out in public, then you have to be aware of what you do, look like, act, react, and everything else.

For instance you may not even know that your body language is creaming “Stay away from me! I’m miserable!” But if that is what your body language is saying to the world then chances are people are going to stay away from you whether you want them to or not.

Now, if you happen to be sending off this vibe while someone really compatible with you is around then you might literally blow your chances with that person.

Bottom line: You never know if that person standing near you or watching you would be a good match for you so be on your best behavior and leave the nose picking for the seclusion of your home.

In a Relationship?

This rule applies to you as well. Of course you can pick your nose if you partner doesn’t mind it but you may try to  roll your eyes when you think your partner isn’t looking at you or do other some sort of gesture that you think they won’t see. Really, the possibility of them seeing you do this is very good.

Picking Your Nose in Public Won’t Get You Laid

We can see from our peripheral vision and we can see damn good!

We also tend to look at our partner when they don’t know we are looking. For instance when they are walking out of the room, staring out the window, watching TV like a zombie…sneaking a peek is very real and they are not normally aware of this action.

Now imagine if they were giving you the finger when you snuck a peek because they didn’t think you were looking. You would be  a little pissed right?

Bottom line: Don’t  be sneaking in dirty looks, rude gestures, or other things that you don’t want your partner to see when you know they are around – somewhere.

If you care about what people think about you and how you are presenting yourself to this world, then remember that the chances of someone seeing you or watching you are very high.